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Geometric Algebra for Computer Science


Right up until recently, all of the interactions amongst objects in virtual 3D worlds have been based on calculations carried out employing linear algebra. Linear algebra relies greatly on coordinates, even so, which can make many geometric programming duties extremely certain and intricate-usually a lot of work is essential to carry about even modest functionality enhancements. Although linear algebra is an effective way to specify reduced-stage computations, it is not a suitable large-level language for geometric programming. Geometric Algebra for Pc Science presents a compelling choice to the restrictions of linear algebra. Geometric algebra, or GA, is a compact, time-powerful, and performance-enhancing way to signify the geometry of 3D objects in computer packages. In this guide you will locate an introduction to GA that will give you a powerful grasp of its romantic relationship to linear algebra and its significance for your work. You will discover how to use GA to signify objects and carry out geometric operations on them. And you will get started mastering established techniques for producing GA an integral aspect of your applications in a way that simplifies your code with no slowing it down.


    • Explains GA as a organic extension of linear algebra and conveys its importance for 3D programming of geometry in graphics, vision, and robotics.


    • Systematically explores the concepts and strategies that are important to representing elementary objects and geometric operators utilizing GA.


    • Handles in detail the conformal design, a handy way to put into practice 3D geometry utilizing a 5D representation room.


    • Presents powerful strategies to creating GA an integral portion of your programming.


    • Involves many drills and programming exercises useful for both pupils and practitioners.


  • Companion world wide web internet site contains backlinks to GAViewer, a method that will let you to interact with several of the 3D figures in the e-book, and Gaigen 2, the platform for the instructive programming work outs that conclude each chapter.

ISBN: 9780123749420

Date: 2007-04-06

Author(s): Leo Dorst, Daniel Fontijne, Stephen Mann

Pages: 664

File Name: Geometric Algebra for Computer Science.pdf

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